"Ann Williams has proven to be a true advocate for a fair and equitable public school education on behalf of every student in Chicago. Ann continues to work openly and constructively with parents within our community to lend her support and to secure the resources necessary to achieve a quality education. I am personally grateful to Ann for her commitment to our neighborhood school and her willingness to fight for my son's right to a quality public school education."

-Karen Convey Lee, Constituent and Audubon Elementary School parent

Ann knows that strong communities build strong schools, and vice versa. She understands that we must come together as a community to keep our neighborhood schools strong and vibrant.

A tireless advocate on behalf of our schools, Ann has consistently fought repeated budget cuts and the crisis-driven approach to education funding. Joining with local administrators, parents and community members, Ann is working to ensure our local school have access to the resources necessary to provide our kids the best educational experience possible.

  • Ann has consistently challenged the Board of Education’s short-sighted policies that result in diminished resources for schools, larger class sizes and cuts to critical programs including special education.
  • To properly fund our public schools, Ann believes that we must move away from the over-reliance on property taxes and take more responsibility as a State to provide adequate resources.
  • Ann believes it's inappropriate to divert scarce education dollars away from the neighborhood schools that need it most. When a new charter high school was was proposing to relocate near Lake View High School, Ann stood with our community in opposition.
  • Ann is committed to ensuring that parents and community members have a voice in determining the direction of our neighborhood schools. Working with local parents active in their school communities, she created a Neighborhood School Advocacy Council to provide insight and perspective regarding local school issues as well as the many challenges facing CPS as a whole.

Ann will continue to explore solutions to maximize funds going to the classroom, create stability in the system overall, and provide for equitable educational opportunities for children across our City and State.

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