Access to Reproductive Healthcare

"Ann has been one of our strongest and most courageous pro-choice supporters in the Illinois House. She has fought to increase access to reproductive health care and protect choice for each and every woman in Illinois. At a time when these rights are being threatened, we need the pro-choice leadership of Ann now more than ever!

-Terry Cosgrove, President and CEO of Personal PAC

Ann is absolutely committed to ensuring women are able to make their own healthcare decisions, and has worked to maintain and enhance access to all reproductive health services. Ann will continue to work against any attempt to limit or restrict our reproductive rights, and has worked closely with Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood on this and other important issues, such as ensuring access to birth control and accurate, responsible sex education.

Ann's commitment to women also includes eliminating discrimination against pregnant women, increasing paid sick leave, and ensuring child care is accessible and affordable.

Equality for all Illinois Families

"Ann Williams is everything we want and need in someone representing us in Springfield. She is genuine, responsive, caring, and passionate about her duties as a legislator. During the battle to gain marriage equality for Illinois, she was as stalwart a champion as we could've hoped for. I know I can trust her to always vote in a way that is best for my family."

-Rem Cabrera, Constituent and Blaine Elementary parent

Ann was a proud cosponsor of the Marriage Equality Bill, and continues to work closely with the LGBT community to ensure all Illinois families are treated equally in all areas of Illinois law, including adoption, and to eliminate discrimination wherever it remains.

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